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The LWV Rivertowns is a great source of information on many issues that affect us everyday.  Whether you are interested in the state of infrastructure in Westchester County, the availability of affordable housing, the effects of poverty on Westchester residents, or the challenges facing environmental advocates county-wide, our League addresses these topics at meetings and forums that are open to all.

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Women’s March

Let's Work Together to Make Democracy Work! Congratulations to all who participated in Saturday's Women's March. The League of Women Voters of New York State had a fantastic turnout from our members. Local League members marched in Washington DC, New York City,...

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Constitutional Convention Needs Safeguards

02/03/2016 | by Kelly Ceballos | League of Women Voters Announces New Position The League of Women Voters today announced a new position calling for safeguards to govern the constitutional convention process of proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution. “The...

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“Disorder In The Courts” – Youth Offenders

Amid news stories of too aggressive policing and court disorder, LWVR had a unique behind-the-scenes look at NYS justice when Babe Howell addressed the December expanded board meeting and holiday luncheon.  Prior to her present position as Criminal Law Professor at...

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Reaching Concurrence on Raise The Age

 In June 2015, LWVNYS convention delegates approved  a NYS board recommended program item to conduct a post-convention concurrence with portions of LWV of Ohio's Juvenile Justice position.  Concurrence is defined as agreement by League members with a position on an...

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Apply Now for Students Inside Albany 2016

This Conference is an intensive four day training experience held in the spring and is designed to immerse students in the process by which public policy is proposed, enacted and changed in New York State and educate them as to how they can influence and affect this...

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Letter to the The Rivertowns Enterprise

  Letter to the Editor LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF THE RIVERTOWNS September 12, 2015 Dear Editor: Following the transfer of the full-time curator from Lenoir Nature Preserve in north Yonkers, we urge that a full-time replacement be appointed. A curator would...

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